Decaling Tutorial

Here's a written tutorial on how to decal!

1. Cut the decals using scissors or Exacto knives. Exacto is preferable since this is more precise for cutting. 

2. Use tweezers to handle the decal pieces with ease. Place them in clean water for around 30 seconds until they are soaked. Since these are waterslide decals, the plastic decal will slide off with ease once soaked in water. 

3. Place the respective decal piece on wherever it's supposed to go on the blank figure or helmet using your tweezers. Use a sponge to firmly press it down into place. We recommend using a makeup sponge. 

Optional Step: 

You can use a paintbrush to apply micro set and micro sol to your figure. Micro set is a decal setting solution which is applied to the surface of the plastic before application of the decal, it allows the decal to move freely and it makes it easier to work with. After aligning the decal, press down and apply pressure to the decal with your sponge. The decal is now set. Micro sol is applied at the end, this helps to soften the decal, allowing it to conform to the shape of the plastic for as clean of an application as possible. 

Highly Recommended!

***Spraying on a clear plastic sealant on the figure is recommended. This will preserve the decaled figure and prevent the decals from sliding off over time***

Clear Matte or Clear Gloss works; if you want a regular realistic look, use matte. If you want a glossy and shiny look, use gloss. 

What helmets should I use 

Phase 2: Official, Replica, or CAC RP2

Phase 1: Official, or Replica

Stormtrooper: Official or Official Replica (replica stormtrooper helmets will be available soon)

ARC P2: Phase 2 Official, Replica, or CAC RP2

ARC P1.5: CAC ARC Helmet

ARC P1: Phase 1 Official Arc or Replica Arc 

Pilot: Replica Pilot 

Find all of our decaling helmets under "Decal Supplies"

If you have any other questions about decaling, feel free to email us at